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Capitol Dispatch
Marty Green's Legislative Update
DECEMBER: Illinois Government In Transition
The Illinois General Assembly completed its final week of Veto Session considering legislation that was vetoed/amendatorily vetoed by the Governor. During the final week of Veto Session, over 45 newly elected members attended legislator orientation so that they may take their seats when the 101st General Assembly is convened on January 9th.

Governor-Elect Pritzker and Attorney General-Elect Raoul will be sworn into office on January 14th as required by the Illinois State Constitution. Lt. Governor-Elect Stratton was appointed as the Chair of Governor-Elect Pritzker’s Transition Team which has been assembled to make recommendations to the incoming administration. ICPAS has been working with the Pritzker and Raoul transition staff on issues important to the CPA profession.

The 100th General Assembly will convene for a Lame Duck Session on January 7th prior to adjournment sine die. On the Lame Duck agenda may be passage of expanded gaming, marijuana legalization or more.
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New Laws to Know for 2019
On January 1, 2019, 253 new laws will be added to Illinois' list of statutes. The effective date of new laws can vary. Some bills designate that new statutes are effective immediately upon becoming law and in other cases are specified including the state's new fiscal year or calendar year. See a complete list of the 253 new laws.
Fitch Ratings: 2019 Fiscal Decisions Key for Illinois
As Illinois State Government moves towards one-party rule, Fitch Ratings signaled that “return of single-party control to Springfield does not signal an end to the state’s credit challenges.” The credit rating agency has given Illinois' credit a BBB rating with a negative outlook, which it indicates "reflects an ongoing pattern of weak operating performance and irresolute fiscal decision making."
Equal Pay - Wage History
HB 4163 would prohibit employers from inquiring salary and wage history by adding new standards that limit employer defenses and adding new compensatory and punitive damage penalties on businesses that are not compliant. The Governor vetoed this legislation and it was not called for consideration of override during Veto Session. Status: Bill Dead-No positive action taken. Future legislation is not expected to receive any scrutiny from incoming Governor JB Pritzker thus, Illinois employers should be aware that legislation outlawing pay history inquiries seems inevitable.
Equal Pay - African Americans
HB 4743 expands the Illinois Equal Pay Act protections to African American workers and will prohibit employers from paying African American employees less than others. It specifically provides that African-American employees cannot be paid less for performing the same or substantially similar work on jobs that require equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and for work that is performed under similar working conditions. It recognizes validity of wage differentials pursuant to seniority system, merit system or a system that measures earnings by quantity or quality prosecution, or any other wage differential “other than race.” Status: Public Act 100-1140
New Reimbursement Obligations for Illinois Employers in 2019
SB 2999 amends the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act. Starting in 2019, employers in Illinois must meet new employee reimbursement requirements. Status: Public Act 100-1094.
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IDOR announces Audit-Fast Track Resolution (FTR) Pilot Program
The Illinois Department of Revenue announced a pilot program to provide a forum for the prompt resolution of disputed audit issues while the case is still under the jurisdiction of IDOR Audit Bureau. See IDOR Informational Bulletin 2019-16.
Sales Tax Rate Change for 2019
Effective January 1, 2019, certain taxing jurisdictions have imposed a local sales tax or changed their local sales tax rate on general merchandise sales. See IDOR Informational Bulletin 2019-09-A Sales Tax Rate Change Summary.
Governor Waives Penalties, Interest for Taxpayers Impacted by Tornadoes
In response to the devastating tornadoes that plagued Christian County, Governor Rauner announced that taxpayers may request waivers of penalties and interest on state taxes if they cannot file their returns or make payments on time due to the tornado damage.
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2019 Legislators’ Tax Guide
The 2019 (for tax year 2018) tax guide has been sent to members of the Illinois General Assembly. This annual publication addresses unique tax aspects that may impact legislators’ personal income tax filings.
Cook County Treasurer Posts Cook County Property Tax Bill
In response to a high volume of requests by taxpayers, accountants and tax advisors, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas has posted next year’s First Installment property tax bill to cookcountytreasurer.com. Tax Year 2018 first installment of property taxes are due
March 1, 2019.
The 100th General Assembly by the Numbers
During the two-year long 100th General Assembly, 9,649 pieces of legislation were filed, 5,998 originated in the House and 3,648 in the Senate. Of the bills filed, 1,268 bills passed both Chambers and 1,044 were approved by the Governor. 135 bills were vetoed by the Governor and 50 of the vetoed items were overridden by lawmakers.
What's in Is Out in Illinois
Just how intolerable is Illinois? A look at what’s behind the Land of Lincoln’s outmigration problem.
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Powerful internship programs for smaller firms
Put as much thought into your internships as you would into onboarding full-time employees. Your efforts will pay off.
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