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Capitol Dispatch
Marty Green's Legislative Update
Budgets, Taxes, and Term Limits Ahead
The Spring Legislative Session is in full swing following the governor's Budget Address, where he proposed an FY 2019 $37.6 billion State Operating Budget that includes shifting more liabilities to school districts and universities. A significant number of bills have been introduced ahead of deadlines in both Chambers, which is analogous of being at the large opening of a funnel, and that large number will be significantly narrowed as the legislative process advances.

The Government Relations office is reviewing legislation that has been introduced that may impact the CPA profession. We have posted several new bills on our legislative tracking reports that are available 24/7. Check out our Legislative Alert Page where you can easily contact your legislator on matters of interest to the profession. As always, we appreciate your expertise and knowledge. Please reach out to us on legislation of interest or concern to you and be ready to vote in the upcoming March 20 primary election.
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Illinois Legislative Leader Term Limits Proposed
HJRCA 36 would limit the terms of the House Speaker, Senate President, and Minority Leader in each Chamber to 10 consecutive years. The Senate previously set self-imposed 10-year term limits for its President and Minority Leader. Status: Pending committee assignment, House Rules Committee.
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Taxpayer Fiscal Charter Could Limit Government Programs
HB 4229 would limit lawmakers' ability to create new and unfunded programs and ensures the pension system's stability for years to come. Status: Pending committee assignment, House Rules Committee.
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Appropriations to Match Illinois Economic Growth
HJRCA 38 provides that in no fiscal year shall the rate of growth of the General Revenue Fund appropriations exceed the rate of growth of the Illinois economy. Also specifies that each legislative Chamber pass a resolution declaring a fiscal emergency exists. Status: Pending committee assignment, House Rules Committee.
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Negligent Hiring Limitations Proposed
SB 2282 limits actions for negligent hiring. A cause of action may not be brought against a party solely for hiring an employee or independent contractor who has been convicted of a non-violent, non-sexual offense. Status: Assigned to Subcommittee on Tort Reform.
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Bill Could Ensure Illinois Student Access to Universities
HB 4103 would ensure Illinois high school students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better will be guaranteed admission to a public university in Illinois. It will also establish an online uniform admission process. Status: Pending committee assignment, House Rules Committee.
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Jurisdiction in False Claims Tax Act Cases
SB 2605 and HB 5004 provide inter alia that no court has jurisdiction over a civil action relating to or involving a false claim regarding certain tax acts administered by the IDOR unless brought by the State Attorney General. Status: SB 2605 pending Senate Revenue Committee.
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Medicaid Funding Sought From Health Insurance Assessment
HB 4166 imposes a 1 percent assessment on claims paid by health insurance carriers or third-party administrators to be deposited into the Healthcare Provider Relief Fund used for funding Medicaid services. Status: Pending Appropriations-Human Services.
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Nonresident Income Tax Allocation Changes
HB 4655 changes the allocation of compensation paid to nonresidents to be based on the number of working days spent in Illinois. Makes similar changes to withholding requirements and creates a credit in an amount equal to the investment made by the taxpayer during the taxable year. Status: Pending committee assignment, House Rules Committee.
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Legislator Limits Sought at Property Tax Appeals Board
EO 1801 prohibits the Property Tax Appeals Board from allowing a state legislator to participate in representation in a case on a matter before the Board. Status: Filed with Secretary of State.
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Charitable Organization Late Filing Fee Reduced
HB 4578 amends the Solicitation for Charity Act to provide that a trustee, person, or organization who failed to timely file an annual report shall pay a $50 (rather than $100) late filing fee. Status: Pending committee assignment, House Rules Committee.
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What's New for Illinois Income Tax
The Illinois Department of Revenue recently released Information Bulletin 2018-21 that summarizes changes for individual and business income tax for the 2017 filing season and withholding income tax for the 2018 filing season.
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Blockchain Task Force Report Released
The legislative-created Blockchain Task Force, comprised of members of the General Assembly, Executive Branch, and representatives of public entities, has released its Report on the use and opportunities available through blockchain and distributed technologies in the public arena.
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The Civic Federation Releases Government Sustainability Plan
The Federation's FY 2019 budget roadmap includes 11 overarching recommendations, ranging from expanding Illinois' tax base to consolidating government, to help restore fiscal state government sustainability.
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Credit Rating Agencies React to Governor's Budget Proposal
S&P and Fitch Ratings issued analysis on the contents of the governor's budget plan that highlights Illinois' challenges in "achieving fiscal balance" and its "minimal capacity to withstand another protracted budget negotiation standoff."
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Invest-In-Kids Scholarship Application Launching
The Empower Illinois scholarship application system opens Feb. 27 for Invest-In-Kids scholarships. The enrollment system has been enhanced to make it easier for families and to manage the demand for tax credit scholarships to private schools.
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Sims Replaces Veteran Senator Donne Trotter
Legislator Elgie Sims (D-17, Chicago) moves from the House to the Senate as he replaces retiring long-time legislator Donne Trotter. Nick Smith, Streets and Sanitation Superintendent for the City's 9th Ward, replaces Sims in the House to represent the voters of the 34th House District.
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In the Best Interest of the State
The importance of voter literacy, and the coming 2018 midterm elections, should not be overlooked by Illinois voters.
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SALT Deduction Workaround
HB 4237 creates a charitable credit against a taxpayer's property tax liability. This legislation is viewed as a workaround to the SALT limitation included in the Federal Tax Reform bill. Similar legislation has been introduced in New Jersey and California.
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