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Capitol Dispatch
Marty Green's Legislative Update
MARCH: Ballots Cast, State Budget Battles Loom
With the Illinois Primary Election in the books, the stage is now set for the November General Election. Of the 126 House and Senate incumbents on the ballot, three members lost to their primary challenger, including long-serving member Ira Silverstein (D) who was cited by the Legislative Ethics Committee for conduct unbecoming of a legislator, Rep. Dan Burke (D), member of the powerful Chicago Burke political dynasty, and Rep. David Reis (R), who serves as the House Republican Spokesman for the Business Occupational License Committee.

The General Assembly is in recess until April 9 (House) and 10 (Senate). At this stage, we're more than half-way through the Spring Session. Both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have been holding agency hearings for spending requests. With continued political disharmony compounded by it being an election year, the odds of a state operating budget being passed by May 31 are waning. Surprises may come, however, considering many incumbent legislators aren't running for reelection and are liberated from partisan caucus restraints.

We're monitoring a large number of bills on our legislative tracking reports. Keep the lines of communication open and let us know of any issues of interest to the CPA profession.
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Sexual Harassment Training Proposed for Professional Licensure
HB 4953 would mandate the IDFPR to require licensure applicants and renewals to complete sexual harassment training developed by the Department prior to the issuance of a professional license. Status: Pending, House Business and Occupational Licenses Committee.
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Professional License Protections for Student Loan Defaulters
SB 2439 amends various professional acts and removes the provisions allowing or requiring licensing authorities to revoke professional licenses for defaulting on educational loans provided by or guaranteed by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Status: Pending, Senate.
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Illinois SALT Cap Workarounds Pending
HB 4237 creates the Illinois Excellence Fund, a public charity that would allow a 100 percent state tax rebate and deduction on federal taxes. The Excellence Fund would send 100 percent deduction on state taxes to local public schools. HB 4563 would provide taxpayers a credit against their property taxes for donations made to local school district foundations. HB 4227 provides for the establishment of charitable funds at the state and county level for taxpayers to make payment in the amount equal to their property taxes to receive deductions on their federal tax returns. Status: All Pending, House.
House Committee Advances Contingent Fee Audits
HB 2717 would authorize the Illinois Department of Revenue to share confidential taxpayer information with third-party contingent fee auditors for sales tax audits. ICPAS Government Relations, working with other stakeholders and the Illinois Department of Revenue, opposes this legislation. Status: Pending, House.
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Local Government Cash Basis Accounting in Focus
It's anticipated that amendments to HB 4104 and HB 1187 will grandfather governments who use cash basis accounting. ICPAS Government Relations, along with other stakeholders, is working with legislators for a remedy to the comptroller ending the long-standing practice of accepting audited financial statements using cash basis accounting. Status: Pending, House.
Penalties, Protections for Relocating Illinois Call Centers
HB 4081 creates the Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act, which would require any employer with 50 or more employees that intends on relocating a call center from Illinois to another state or country to notify the Illinois State Treasurer 120 days prior to the relocation. Failure of notice could result in a $10,000 fine for each day of noncompliance. The employer would also be prohibited from direct or indirect state loans or grants for five years. Status: Pending, House. ICPAS opposes.
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Hospital Assessment Program Renewed
SB 1573 and SB 1773 allow the continuation of Illinois' Hospital Assessment Program. The hospital assessments allow the state to maximize federal reimbursement for the state Medicaid program. Status: Public Acts 100-0580 and 100-0581.
Healthy Workplace Act Pending Amendments
HB 2771 creates the Healthy Workplace Act, requiring employers to provide specified paid sick days to employees and provides for certain exemptions, civil penalties, and civil cause of action for violations. Status: Pending, House for Senate Amendments.
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Wage Lien Act Empowers Employees
HB 4324 creates the Wage Lien Act and provides that an employee may file a lien for unpaid wages against the employer's property. Status: Pending, House.
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ABLE Account Program Asset Protection Pending in Senate
SB 2660 provides that unless prohibited by federal law, upon the death of the designated beneficiary, proceeds from an ABLE account may be transferred to the estate of a designated beneficiary or to another eligible account specified by the designated beneficiary. Status: Pending, Senate.
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Illinois Attorney General Names Top 10 Consumer Complaints
Identity theft tops the list in Attorney General Lisa Madigan's Consumer Protection Division's annual ranking of Illinois consumer complaints.
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IDOR Overviews Federal Tax Impact on Illinois
The overview identifies sections of the Illinois Income Tax Act that are impacted by the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
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Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal: An Interim Report
In early 2014, the Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal was established as an independent state agency to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the Illinois Department of Revenue.
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What's New for Illinois Income Tax
The Illinois Department of Revenue recently released Information Bulletin 2018-21 that summarizes changes for individual and business income tax for the 2017 filing season and withholding income tax for the 2018 filing season.
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